Who is

Licensed in Dental Medicine by the Superior Institute of Health Ciêncas Egas Moniz (2006) and in the Physical Sciences Journal, Health and Sport, Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde - Africa (2001). Specializing in Sleep Medicine (2008) and Master in Science of sleep by the Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa (2011). Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine by the European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (2013) received, in 2016, the title of Somnologista - European expert in Sleep Medicine by the European Sleep Research Society.
As Dentist is dedicated to medical and surgical clinic of oral diseases and the skull-mandibular complex, especially the differentiated oral surgery, oral implantology and odontoestomatologia applied to sleep disturbance. Made residence in Oral Surgery and IMPLANTOLOGY at the University of Santa Clara and the Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital, Cuba and was responsible for consulting the rest of the wake of STOMATOLOGY Hospital de São João, in Porto. He founded the consultation of sleep at the Hospital of Santa Maria in Lisbon and was responsible for the consultation of Oral Medicine of sleep in the center of Electroencefalografia and Clinical Neurophysiology. Works in the service of Dental Medicine of the Hospital Soerad, in Torres Vedras, in the Department of Dental Medicine from the clinic Cuf Miraflores, in Lisbon and in private units (Private Practice) of the Clinical Center da Ventosa, in Torres Vedras and the Medical Clinic in shoe - Medisapataria Sobral.

As Somnologist - Specialist in Sleep Medicine (ESRS), focuses its activity on the diagnosis, control and treatment of sleep disorders. Starting their training in the context of the specialization in sleep medicine and masters in Science of sleep, the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon, concluded the Post Graduation ("Master") in physiology and Sleep Medicine, the University Pablo Olavid, Seville and made the courses of Sleep Medicine and practice of Polisonografia at the University of Edinburgh. Acquired professional experience in the center of Electroencefalografia and Clinical Neurophysiology, held in consultation observational stage of sleep in the Pulmonology Department of the Hospital de São João, in Porto (2010/2011) and residence in the Sleep Clinic Unit of the Hospital da Luz - Clinical Center of the Amadora (2015). Currently makes consultation of sleep at the Hospital Soerad, Torres Vedras, in central Lisbon Neuroftalmológico and Hospital Nossa Sra. da Arrábida, Azeitão.

As an academic researcher, is an affiliate of the Pulmonary Function Laboratory of construct of the Cardiovascular Center, University of Lisbon, where she coordinates the unit of sleep. Is Professor and Coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in chronobiology and Sleep Medicine Of Cespu, in the Superior School of Health from the top of the bird. He is the author of book chapters, articles, abstracts and presentations in the field of physiology and sleep medicine.